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Welcome to Mayen Akpan's Journey!

Creating some weird art! Listen, I'm 33 year old, a first generation Nigerian American, and I live in Baltimore, MD. I've been as tired as the rest of you. But the exhaustion of life hasn't destroyed my curiosity. It's been a journey recognizing where I activate my natural flow states. Low and behold, I'm shocked it was in building my life as an artist despite me always creating art since I was about five years old.
A variety of artist tools on a table
These are all the tools I currently use for my digital collage art

My mental health took a negative turn at the start of 2021, and it's not until years later that I've found a way to regulate my system and notice when I'm not regulated. The latter was most important. I'm happy I found a way to express myself in healthier ways. Isn't it funny how the solution to our 'problems' can be solved by looking around us? Instead of condemning my episodes of what could be called manic episodes or psychosis, I see the benefit of what they created. In this case, and in those moments, I accumulated an abundance or scraps, resources, and tools that are now at my disposal. I implore you to walk alongside me as I explore creating weird art with all these things I've acquired and how I combine them with what I find in the present. Much of this new path is about allowing myself to unfurl from my cocoon in the light and encourage others to do the same. I have so many awesome plans for the future, and I am excited to share what I invest and divest in to keep my journey as the fool alive.

A happy digital collage artist in Baltimore,


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