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Weird Found Objects: Episode 01

"Village of Stars" by Paul Stanton

Image of torn pages 385 to 390 of Village of the Stars by Paul Stanton found in the street
Pages 385 to 390 of Village of the Stars by Paul Stanton

On April 28, 2022, I was on my way to the nearby 7-Eleven and found this on a dirt path branching off the sidewalk. I had to pick it up, shocked that these pages were out in the open. I read the pages, and to this day I'm still sorting out how pages 385-390 resonated with where I was at that time of finding it. It was the day before I moved to my apartment in Baltimore, and the excerpt introduces me to formal, yet informal, introductions between the crew members who are all learning about "the fusion bomb" and the aircraft shuttling it. I'd like to draw attention to the last paragraph visible, and the last words to my found pages:

"I was just coming to that. Five thousand five hundred feet. Two fives, two zeros. That is already set on the bomb before its..."
A close up of an old torn excerpt from a book.
The final paragraphs on page 390.

Just before this line, Professor Zweig mentions the monitor being the same as the last except for the addition of two switches of a new slave-monitoring device operable by an aneroid (a barometer for air pressure). When these switches are pressed down two red lights will turn on.

Weird Found Objects Thoughts

As of right now, it appears to be a metaphor for cerebral activity and if we're accurately measuring what causes reactivity in communication from a generation before and where we are now. Every generation after is meant to transcend and expand. With the expansion will come more problems sometimes sold as upgrades to help you solve a problem you didn't create. Those generational upgrades could take the form of two switches that turn on red lights when pressed. I suppose it's fair to ask, have you recognized your switches and who has authorization to press them? In fact, what is the height of your tolerance set to or is it time to actualize the threshold of your boundaries?

I'm looking forward to sharing more weird found objects! Mayen

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