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Introducing New Minimalist Stationary Printables!

Updated: Apr 16

I love to use a variety of tools to keep my life organized. It's been a known fact that I love post-it notes as gifts and since I was a teenager you'd find sticky-notes all over my room as reminders or doodles. Now, as an adult, reminders are crucial but so is maintaining intimacy with your personal goals. Changes are inevitable. While we can't predict every change ahead, we can do our best to keep ourselves on track and live in a reality where we invest time into our responsibilities and to our dreams. After years of researching differing practices of mindfulness and holistic living, I now know how important it is to spend time scripting and viewing our intentions as much as possible.

My love of sticky notes wasn't due to the brain-scratching variety of colors (mostly though), I was a very scattered person and overthought due to crippling anxiety. Creating more moments of pause in my life was key to managing my stress levels. Creating moments of pause to focus on how I wanted to feel and what I wanted to create introduced me to a life of peace I didn't know was possible. If you'd told me that all I had to do was spend more time writing down what I wanted on a consistent basis then I'd have a holistic improvement in my life.

  1. Daily Gratitude

  2. Monthly Intentions (SMART Goals) 

  3. Weekly Planner/ Weekly Plan (At a Glance)

  4. To Do List (Checklist)

1. Daily Gratitude Printables - It's important to start your day with the expectations you want. Having an affirmation (or a mantra) is important to have as a mental anchor through the most distracting days. First thing in the morning, get clear on what you are grateful for. Taking things for-granted is one of the easiest things we can do, especially with the amount of distractions tugging for our attention before we've got out of bed. If there's something that ought to be a part of your morning routine, it should be reminders of what you're doing all of this for. Invest in the creative part of you and stay grounded by starting with positive intentions and a resonating affirmation to carry throughout the day. Then as the day winds down, be sure to recount all of the things that did go well today. Again, it's easy to think about all the things that went wrong, but what about all the things the went right?

2. Monthly Intentions (SMART Goals) - First we should define what SMART Goals are, yeah?

  • Specific - What you intend to do?

  • Measurable - What data will determine if the goal is met?

  • Achievable - Do you have the resources to meet the goal?

  • Relevant - How will the results affect you or your team?

  • Time-based - When is the goal accomplished?

We always feel better when we better define and specifiy what we want to create. Both versions of the sheets include a different way you can write a SMART goal for the month. Learning how to become more specific is key to maintaining focus and upholding boundaries needed to accomplish said goal.

3. Weekly Planner/ Weekly Plan (At a Glance)- standard weekly planners that help map out what you expect to do and to manage your daily life.

4. To Do List (Checklist) - for busier times, invest in your efficiency by jotting down all of the things you know you need to get done. Take notes and define your priorities before you check off each accomplishment like a pro.

I'd love to get your feedback, and any ideas to help improve your workflow are welcomed!

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