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Chill Sessions

Craft Project: Freeform Canvas Acrylic Painting

Once I realized I'm my most inspired when I create spaces to freely express oneself, I'm energized. One weekend my neighbors and I decided to get together and do nothing but relax, chat, and put some paint on the canvases I got from Michaels in 2020. We reminisced like it was back in our undergrad days, meanwhile we've only known each other for a little over a year.

A canvas on canvas tarp
11"x14" canvas

Not long ago, a part of me denied the benefits of crafting spaces to encourage childlike expressions. In fact, I think it's vital to recapture that feeling through activities permitting us to cultivate these moments. I look forward to concocting more plans for how to create and build on existing spaces to transform them into a moment of wholeness.

I started my piece on the far left in December 2020 and the two pieces from my neighbors is from May 2023. They never saw my painting until they were at a stopping point, I merely facilitated the open space for them to do whatever they willed with the acrylics. While the finishing touches will come in time, I love having their in-progress paintings on my walls.

Set the Mood

Mood is super important in these spaces. This was an evening session, and I turned on jazz music and turned on my starlight galaxy projector. Having a few hours of calming curated creation can make a world of difference. It also helps us stay present enough to create in the now.

I admire our instincts to paint the sun,Mayen

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