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Chill Session II - Project Ideas

Craft Project Idea: DIY Textured Canvas Boards I had these 8x8 boards from Michaels and this special paper from Blick I planned on gluing together to create a textured canvas. It took me a few months to get around to making the boards. Nonetheless, this project was satisfying to idealize.

Three boards with unique paper glued on their surface
Finished paper to wood boards

The process is straightforward. You place tacky glue over the board. I use a paint brush and water to spread out the glue. Then carefully center the paper over the board and lightly press down. To secure the paper over the board, I use a rolling pin a few times over the surface. Be sure to wipe the rolling pin down between boards!

A wood board with special paper
Dried board with cut corners ready for gluing

You don't have to wait for it to be dry when you cut the corners of the paper hanging over the board. However, you should wait for the freshly glued surface of the board to dry before you do anything else. This can take a few hours, but I like to wait until the next day to finish the boards. When the first round of glue has dried. Place tacky glue along the edges and gently fold the corners. Feel free to use any glue to press the paper down. The paper I used in the images is a delicate cloth, so molding with the glue was easy. Once your sides are all glued down, just wait for it to dry, and then you've got a textured canvas!

Let me know if you give this project a try! Mayen

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